Our Mission
Noble 8 is dedicated to giving 1 Billion Dollars +
to charitable causes around the world.

  • I. Humanitarian Causes

    I. Humanitarian Causes

    homeless/hungry, orphanages, quality
    water wells, ministries and world
    outreach and more…
  • II. Disaster Relief

    II. Disaster Relief

    locally or around the world
  • III. Innocent Victims

    III. Innocent Victims

    child abuse, domestic abuse, human
    trafficking, domestic violence and
  • IV. Disabled Heroes

    IV. Disabled Heroes

    as well as first responders and athletes
  • V.  Youth Programs

    V. Youth Programs

    at risk youth, youth sports, recreation
    and after school programs, mentoring
    programs and more …
  • VI. Animal Abuse

    VI. Animal Abuse

    support for the humane society,
    animal rescue programs,
    and more….
  • VII. Breakthroughs in Health

    VII. Breakthroughs in Health

    medical research for cures (diabetes,
    heart health, cancer, etc.) as well as
    Alternative Health Solutions
  • VIII. General Giving Fund

    VIII. General Giving Fund

    helping individuals, families and
    organizations in crisis situations.

    Life Mastery Academy

    High impact personal growth and development is key to reaching your full potential. E-courses, digital download motivation, weekend leadership development retreats and ultra-luxurious resort destination and cruise educational and empowerment vacations are all in the L.M.A. curriculum.


    1. The Noble 8 Leadership Team has a combined several hundred years of experience in business, team development and peak human performance. The group of Master mentors will guide you along your journey to success.

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    2. Each Noble 8 member will have access to a wide range of courses and events. They will include but not be limited to Basic Business Practices, Communication Skills, Building Quality Relationships, Developing Self-Confidence, Becoming Financially Independent, Financial Strategies (including crypto currencies) and much more.

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    3. Education can be very expensive. L.M.A. has a small one-time purchase of $25 and all other courses are paid for from profits. There are no loans or grants that need to be paid back. You can travel the world and have your mind and life expanded. You may also market to others our fine courses and retreats, conferences, resort and cruise events and generate a wonderful profit.

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    4. At Noble 8 we believe in the power of dreams. Life Mastery Academy provides many opportunities for dream building and vision stretching experiences as you travel to resort destinations or sail away on luxury cruises for powerful personal development and empowerment events. One year in L.M.A. will change your life forever.

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    Why join the Noble 8 Revolution?

    Why join the Noble 8 Revolution?

    People from all around the world are locking arms to instill change….with one small purchase of $25 (for the purchase of an entry level course from Life Mastery Academy). If you like what you see, get back to the person who invited you to this site and Join us Now!

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