Robert Morales

from my bio page

Greetings Noble 8 Nation!

I wrote a poem for all of us at Noble 8 so that we can remember the time during which we all extended great patience, vision, respect, loyalty and understanding to Coach Blaine Williams, Mark Campese and Jim Anderson. Also a great thank you to the Executive Advisory Board and the Global Development team. If not for their perseverance, time, respect, loyalty and noble efforts, we would all still be searching for a way to create a better life for ourselves and our families. Let’s thank them by building the strongest and most giving private company on the planet. Let’s Go Noble 8!

They’ve created the landscape
The time is now don’t wait
We all do appreciate
The path to change our fate
Let’s move there’s no debate
The phase to accelerate
There’s a lot on all our plates
It’s time to fish or cut bait
On ice we do not skate
The vision forward straight
The market to penetrate
Is open we all relate
This digital real estate
Is prime to proliferate
So wonderful and so great
We must now all congregate
The name is Noble Eight

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