LMA Courses

Life Mastery Academy

High impact personal growth and development is key to reaching your full potential. E-courses, digital download motivation, weekend leadership development retreats and ultra-luxurious resort destination and cruise educational and empowerment’s vacations are all in the L.M.A. curriculum.

    Course Listing

    Campus Product/Course Retail Price

    Novice Campus

    Course 1 “Preparing for the Journey” 8 powerful chapters of rich digital content $25
    Course 2 The Power of a Positive Attitude
    Course 3 The Protégé/Mentor Relationship
    Course 4 Principles of Dynamic Living Workshop
    Course 5 Developing the Champion in You Event

    Apprentice Campus

    Course 1 Life Mastery 101
    Course 2 Life Mastery 102
    Course 3 Life Mastery 103
    Course 4 Weekend Life Empowerment Workshop
    Course 5 Noble 8 Global Life Empowerment Event

    Mentor Campus

    Course 1 Life Mastery 201
    Course 2 Life Mastery 202
    Course 3 Life Mastery 203
    Course 4 Advanced Leadership Empowerment Event
    Course 5 Luxury Resort/Cruise Empowerment Event

    Master Mentor Campus

    Course 1 Master Mentor 101
    Course 2 Master Mentor 102
    Course 3 Master Mentor Leadership Retreat
    Course 4 Master Mentor Life Empowerment Event
    Course 5 International Life Empowerment Event
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