Jim Anderson

Jim Anderson, President

A recognized and well respected professional within the direct sales and network marketing industry. He understands networking from the field perspective, having been a successful full-time independent distributor/master distributor in various companies. During Mr. Anderson’s 30 year industry career, he has also been centrally involved as a consultant, senior executive and president for some of the industry’s fastest-growing companies.

One of the start-up companies for which he was president grew from 5,000 distributors to more than 140,000 active distributors and annual sales in excess of $120 million within two years. He also served as the Senior Director Global Business Development of Mannatech, Inc. He was operating in this capacity during its greatest growth stage when the company grew from $120 million to over $420 million in annual sales and more than 450,000 active distributors. There is nothing like a cross section of experiences in similar enterprises to bring an innovative perspective to Noble8 Revolution.

Beyond that, his training as a licensed architect, serving as founder and president of his own real estate investment/development company, together with his involvement in other business ventures means that Jim brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. He is a gifted communicator, listens well to ideas and concerns, and can be counted on to add vision, energy and professionalism to the company’s growing community of Independent Business Leaders.

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